Are you looking for a reliable massage supply shop near you? Many people have busy schedules and have massage therapists to help them relax. If you own a massage parlour, you can find all of your massage products needs when you visit our massage and medical supply store.

It is crucial you have access to all the right equipment to improve your customer’s overall well-being and psychological and physical health. It would help if you connected with a reliable supplier for the right massage therapy equipment to get the best possible results for all your clientele. Happy and satisfied clients will ensure ongoing loyalty and repeat business. Our professional staff at our centrally located medical supply store will help you determine the most appropriate products for the needs of your business.

A good massage supply shop should have a wide range of equipment to choose the one that meets your expectations and serves your customers well. They should be of high quality and affordable price, and should be effective in producing the desired results.

At Actimed, we offer high-quality massage equipment and guarantee reliability. We are a leading wholesale medical equipment distributor serving you with all the supplies you need for your massage or other medical centre.
We have all that you need to improve your customer’s life, making us a reliable choice for the right massage supplies. We understand the value of retaining your customers when you use the right equipment to get the job done.

At Actimed our medical supply shop offers massage products not only to massage and other medical clinics, but also to the public directly. We will work in close consultation with you to ensure the product you buy will be effective in achieving the desired therapeutic effect.

1. Benefits of Using Right Massage Equipment and Supplies

Having the right massage equipment and supplies is essential for your business and helps you to provide the most effective and reliable products for your customers. The extensive range at our medical supply store ensures you have reliable access to various massage equipment, medical supplies, and other quality products to serve a wide range of customer needs.
The right equipment and products allow you to meet the rigid professional guidelines and your client’s needs. It would help if you had the right massage equipment and products at your disposable whenever your clients want them.
Actimed will supply you with the right massage equipment providing deep and intense treatments to your clients. They relieve pain, stress, aching muscles, and inflammation, and rejuvenate tired muscles. Using the wrong equipment makes it hard for you to achieve these objectives.
Right massage equipment also improves blood circulation in the body and flexibility. You can now enhance your client’s post-operative rehabilitation and enhance the range of motions using our high quality and tested equipment.
If your client has an injury or has had recent surgery, we have the right equipment for you to help them heal first and continue with everyday living. You must understand that you can cause more harm than good to your clients without the necessary massage therapy equipment.
Creating a calm and inviting environment that reduces stress is another benefit of using a high-quality massage therapy equipment. We will help you achieve your objectives, help client’s lower stress and blood pressure, and improve their muscle relaxation.
The right equipment and products allow you to offer therapy from sprains and aches. Here is an opportunity for you to make changes in your massage therapy centre and attract more customers. You can also be rest assured that all our equipment is approved and meets stringent standards.

Massage Supply Shop2. Why you should choose a reliable massage supply Shop

Free delivery
A reliable medical supply store such as our company guarantee free delivery if you are within the Perth Metro Area. If you order supplies in bulk, you are guaranteed free delivery to your shop or any specified location. Such services save you time and trouble looking for transportation.
We are only a phone call away to deliver your order on time. If your business is located far from Perth Metro, we also offer delivery at affordable costs. The charges vary with size, weight, and destination. We are at the forefront looking for a price effective way to deliver your order.

Return exchange policy
Before you send money to purchase massage supplies, you must consider the distributor’s return and exchange policy. We have established a reliable and easy return policy giving you peace of mind so you can return ordered goods if they don’t match your expectations.
However, understand that this equipment must be in good condition when returning then, and you will pay a small restocking fee. We have experts devoted to helping you choose the right equipment for your business and avoid the stress of returning them.
You can visit our shop and try out the free fitting service offered in our showroom. You will have an expert help you try the equipment you need before the purchase.

3. Variety of massage supply Options

Our company has a wide range of products and equipment, making us a one-stop-shop for massage supplies. You can order any product since we understand your need to gain customers’ confidence by using the right materials. Our products include;

i. Powered massagers
They come in different styles and sizes; therefore, you can choose one that meets the client’s needs. Use this equipment for gentle and deep penetrating massages on your client’s full body or specific parts. We have a complete list of powered massagers for you to choose from, and you can test before purchasing.
ii. Foot massagers
They include balls, rollers, and equipment used to manipulate your client’s heels, ankles, plantar fascia, and toes. Balls and rollers vary in size; therefore, you must have a specific description of the one you want for your customers.
iii. lubricants
Lubricants can be scented or unscented and come in different forms, such as creams, oils, scrubs, and gels. We have a wide range of these products, and some have an added advantage since they are refillable. Our company also serves you lubrication kits, bottles, and holsters, all essentials for convenient massage therapy.
We have partnered with prominent manufacturers for such products; therefore, you are guaranteed that these products will have no side effects to the customer.
iv. Aromatherapy products
We will supply you with candles, oils, and other assortments packed in different sizes for aromatherapy. These products have natural fragrances and herbal flavors; therefore, they work well on your clients.

Contact us today or visit our offices for bulk massage therapy equipment and medical supplies. You are guaranteed the right and high-quality equipment and expert opinion before purchase. We also have a showroom for you to test them out and have the assurance they work efficiently.

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