What is Slings?

Slings Myofascial Training® is a well-rounded movement concept that can be included into all practices and therapies. The fascia-focused training and movement programme along with the tools are designed for structural integration, functionality, and all-around wellbeing through conscious movement.

Slings is a mat-based training/ practicing programme which is optimised with massage balls, domes and a kneeling pad. The primary focus is on heightening the quality and the health of the fascia which as a result can influence effective movement, liveliness and working with your body and its nervous system to maximise its wellness rather than working against it or putting your body into shock mode.

No pain No gain????? It’s all a lie!!

Slings Myofascial TrainingThe movements done in the training are vibrant and flowing, soft and non-strenuous exercise positions. This form of exercising is focused around the recent findings in fascia research and movement science. The idea is a healthy functioning fascia = healthy functioning muscles. The fascia supports our whole bodies structure by providing shape, elasticity and wrappings around tissues, muscles, tendons, joints and nerves. It also aids with functional movement by minimising resistance in the structure. Myofascial training concept that has been trialled and applied for a number of years.

The fascia holds all our organs in place, not only that but it also has nerves that make it almost as sensitive as skin. If it is stressed it tightens up. High impact on the body through sharp spikes or firm surfaces you end up putting the fascia in shock mode, (tighten up) which can result in limited mobility and painful knots to develop.

What’s so special about Slings Method and Tools?

Materials, sizes and shapes of the Slings Tools Kit were carefully selected to suit fascial characteristics, Slings Myofascial Training techniques and training aims by the founder and educational director Karin Gurtner. These tools are perfect for home, studio, therapeutic use, personal training, group classes and FIFO workers. The tools are soft and gentle on the skin and when trying to strengthen the fascia it is important to use light force for effective strengthening.

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