Are you looking for the best way to reduce costs in your healthcare centre without jeopardizing patient care? This situation is always a significant challenge, but finding a reliable medical supply distributor is possible. At ActiMed our medical supply shop is able to provide quality and accredited products at affordable prices.
Our company is a leading reliable medical supply distributor dealing with wholesale supplies for medical equipment and products. We offer you the right physiotherapy equipment, sports medicine, podiatry, chiropractor, and other general products.
Over the years, we have established an excellent reputation. As a customer you can be rest assured that all of our products are of high quality, and have been proven to be effective in achieving their claimed outcomes. You will be provided with up-to-date and effective products that will enable you to achieve the best therapeutic outcomes for your patients . It means you can offer reliable patient care services.
It’s essential to stick with one reliable supplier for the right medical equipment to achieve the most successful health outcomes for your patients, and minimise the risks of adverse events. It will help if you work closely with our professionals to guide you on the best equipment to use for better patient outcomes.

1. Importance of physiotherapy equipment?

As a healthcare provider, you will be dealing with people of all ages who need physical therapy. People with injuries require special physiotherapy equipment to heal. Physiotherapy equipment plays a vital role in helping your patients return to their prior functioning.
Such practice helps eliminate pain, avoid unnecessary surgery, improve physical fitness, recover from a stroke, manage health conditions, and boost balance. For this practice to be a success, you need special equipment which you can get from a reliable distributor.
At ActiMed, our medical supply shop is the leading wholesale medical equipment distributor in Perth, with all the necessary equipment to help patients return to everyday lives. Besides the delivery of this equipment, you can ask our experts any questions on how to help your patients.

2. Factors to consider when choosing a reliable medical supply distributor

Always do your research before giving out your money to purchase medical products and pieces of medical equipment Go to the company website and read the reviews given by other clients. Also, read the descriptions of the products available.
We have an open website for you to source information on our services. At ActiMed we are only too happy to answer any questions you may have regarding any of our product range, and can help provide advice on the most appropriate product to meet your therapeutic needs. It is important to also check the return policy, mode of payment, warranty, and whether the business is accredited.

3. Benefits of a reliable Medical Supply Distributor

• Reliable delivery and streamlined process
At ActiMed we are a leading wholesale medical equipment distributor and as such, you are guaranteed on-time deliveries from us once you place an order. If you are within the Perth Metro Area, you have an added advantage as we have a devoted team in this area that offers delivery services when you order in bulk. You don’t have to worry about transportation.
If you located a little further away, we guarantee delivery at a reasonable fee, which depends on your order’s size and weight.
Reliably physiotherapy equipment suppliers like our company has the means of transportation and a qualified team to handle your order with care. Such a streamlined process saves you money, time, and gives you peace of mind.

Price reductions
A single reliable medical product distributor will save you a lot of money when you purchase in bulk. You will also need less staff to monitor and track deliveries as our company guarantees efficient deliveries. It means that you will save a lot of money.
There are fewer additional costs, and mostly transportation, shipping, and storage fees are inclusive in the stated price.

Quality products
If you purchase your medical products from different vendors, it’s hard to track who is providing you with substandard products or equipment. Our company has developed a strong foundation and outstanding reputation in delivering high-quality products that are effective and reliable.
It would be best if you also had a professional supplier who is insured in case of any damage to the products the insurance company will cater to the loss. Moreover, you need to understand that all our products and machines are checked and verified by the appropriate authorities.

Physiotherapy equipment supplierMode of payments
If you are looking for a suitable and reliable medical supplies distributor, it’s essential to consider the payment method and the return policy. You must have the right equipment and supplies since health has a significant impact on productivity and performance.
We have laid down a fair return policy allowing you to identify reliable heath product supplies quickly. If you find one that’s not right for you or your patients, you can return them and get one that works well.
Our company accepts numerous modes of payments, therefore, guarantees saving time and money. You will also receive a warranty, expiry dates, and other relevant important details when dealing with an esteemed medical product distributor such as Actimed.

4. Benefits of Using Right Physiotherapy Equipment

Enhance mobility
You will receive appropriate equipment that helps with physical therapy treatments. This equipment will help your patients have improved mobility, muscle strength, and balance. We have mobility equipment for you to use during physical therapies.
Did you know that physiotherapy also involves hot and cold therapy sessions to relieve arthritis, inflammation, and pain? You can order heating pads and cold compressors to help reduce swellings on elbows or knees.

Mini portable trampoline
This physiotherapy equipment helps your patients in many ways strengthening leg muscles and facilitating quick recovery from leg injuries. Trampolines are available in our medical supply shop.

Exercise equipment
We also have exercise equipment in our shop to help your patients improve muscle strength and bone density. We will deliver exercise bikes, elliptical trainers, among other equipment. It would be best if you indeed had several physiotherapy equipment to get the job done.
Each patient might require different equipment, and we have qualified and knowledgeable staff to ensure you choose the most appropriate equipment for your needs. We have quality equipment sold at affordable prices.

Bottom Line

Contact our professional staff at Actimed physiotherapy equipment suppliers today and receive high-quality medical supplies and equipment. We guarantee reliable delivery services and the right equipment’s to get the job done. All equipment have warranties and will save you money on storage, shipping, and transportation.

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