Shoes form a significant barrier to foot injuries by preventing punctures, cuts, scrapes, burns, and frostbites in children. However, wearing low-quality shoes can cause more harm than good to your children. The poorly made shoes come with insufficient cushion and arch support causing impairment of the foot in the early stages of childhood. As a result, children suffer from pain in the legs, foot and back later.

Roles of orthotics in kid’s shoes

Improper foot alignment causes immediate and long-term effects on children. The insertion of orthotics helps to correct the foot alignment in walking and running. Orthotics are not only helpful in maintaining a healthy foot position but also offers a perfect alignment of ankles, knees, hips and lower back to avoid health issues later. Thus, children’s orthopedic shoes have an impact on the health of their body. Unfortunately, many parents are unaware of the fact that problems like over-pronation, flat feet, and back pain can be alleviated with the use of orthotics.

Common foot problems and orthotics use

If there is a foot imbalance due to poorly made shoes, normal development of pelvis and spine in children will suffer. Many foot problems from childhood can result in poor biomechanics and accelerated degenerative processes in the hips, knees, and spine causing pains. These aches may potentially lead to overuse injuries such as shin splints, tendonitis, and stress fractures. Orthopedic doctors can identify the problems with a quick screening to provide orthopedic shoes and alleviate these problems.

Orthotics are designed not only for flat feet but also to treat various foot ailments with these inserts on shoes, including:

Hammertoe – It is a condition when the middle joint of the toe is painful and it tends to bend downward.
Plantar fasciitis – A common problem that causes foot soles to touch the ground completely.
Metatarsalgia – Occur mostly in young girls who wear tight shoes or heels frequently.

These foot problems can be treated with the daily use of medical-grade orthopedic shoes. Apart from treating these conditions, orthotics can prevent and alleviate pain in the legs. The feet will be balanced to help in the running and walking of your children.

The benefits of orthopedic shoes

Foot ailments need early treatment to help to prevent pains in the legs, hip and lower back of the body. The use of orthotics is one of the most effective forms of foot ailments treatment. Orthopedic shoes support their foot at the arch and reduce strain on certain areas of the foot. These shoes are especially useful in treating your ankle injury at home. Here are some other benefits of using medical-grade footwear:

Children gain the ability to run, walk and even jump by reducing pain or swelling that come with foot problems.
Provide better support around the arch of your foot
Better stability of unstable joints in the foot and ankle
Ease pains in the back, hips, and legs
Improve the overall health of your children
Offer better support and alignment of your body
Prevent deformities causing on foot

Why Orthopedic shoes of JS Sports are ideal choices for children?

JS Sports is offering unique and medical-grade children’s multipurpose orthopedic shoes. Footwears were designed in consultation with local WA physiotherapists, Podiatrists, Occupational therapists, and Boot Makers. They have specialties in making shoes for children with disabilities and alleviate their problems. Importantly, we have shoes designed for the winter and summer seasons to add variety and choices for children. Let us look at the key benefits of using our shoes for children:

Easy to put on and take off – With strong velcro fastening, shoes are easy to put on and take off for children.

Protect skin – With a large opening, shoes allow easy passage of the foot to the toe. Moreover, it has a thick and soft shoe tongue pad to provide comfort and skin protection.

Shoes are wide – Children grow 9 times in the first three years. Because of this rapid growth, wearing small size shoes can create problems for children. Moreover, small shoes can deform toes and permanently damage bone structures. However, our shoes are wide to accommodate feet and toes nicely.

Dynamic joints – Dynamic joints on the shoes allow easy mobility of ankle joints for walking at ease with normal posture.

Removable insole to add orthotics – Apart from special gripping on the surface with high-density EVA sole, shoes have a removable insole to add orthotics for correct AFO posture of children.


Kid’s orthopedic shoes are widely used in treating and preventing foot deformities of children. The JS Sports Orthopedic shoes have multiple benefits with daily use on children. Actimed is a leading place to buy JS sports multifunctional orthopedic shoes at a wholesale price in Australia.

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