Actimed is a renowned and trusted Chiropractic equipment supplier in Australia. As a leading distributor of medical supplies and equipment, we have partnered with leading manufacturers to supply essential products to the market. We deal with many products necessary in chiropractic treatment in clinics, hospitals and other healthcare settings. We assure an interrupted supply of essential chiropractic products vital for practice. Moreover, we promise to deliver an effective solution to your medical procurement process.

Buy industry-standard chiropractic equipment in one place

Actimed can be an excellent place to get equipment and tools involved in chiropractic practice. Find quality equipment necessary to relieve back pain, neck, arms and legs of patients from us. We can provide inclinometers, goniometers, chiropractic tables and other products essential to diagnose problems and treatment. These tools and equipment are critical for your practice.

As a leader in sourcing medical supply and healthcare equipment, we have partnered with many renowned companies manufacturing chiropractic equipment. In other words, we can be your go-to distributor to buy standard chiropractic equipment in Australia.

Procure Chiropractic products at wholesale rates

A smooth medical supply including chiropractic equipment enables hospitals, clinics and nursing homes to operate effectively. The shortage of essential products and equipment create an adverse impact on the treatment of patients. But, procuring chiropractic products and other medical supplies is not easy. Healthcare settings face several procurement challenges from brands leading to shortages.

However, we can make your chiropractic products procurement seamless. The best thing is that we deliver products at competent prices. That could be possible as we buy a variety of products in bulk and stock them in our warehouse. As a result, we can pass on the profits to our trade customers by selling products at wholesale rates. That makes our company a reliable place to buy quality chiropractic and other equipment at affordable prices.

A reliable source to buy various medical supplies

Apart from chiropractic equipment, we deal with medical supplies of aged care, braces and supports, exercise and rehabilitation, sports medicine, comfort and support, hot and cold therapy, orthotics and foot care, creams, oils, gels, liquids, podiatry instruments, sharps and accessories, electrotherapy and hand therapy. We have become a go-to supplier of these medical products in Australia.

Our commitment to providing quality products is visible with our partnership. We source our stock from renowned brands who have built effective medicines and equipment in the industry for a long time. Our team investigate the products before adding them to the stock for distribution later.

We are a leading distributor of leading brands such as Leuko, Elastoplast, Smith & Nephew, ICB Medical, Otto Bock, Silipos, Bodywork, Red Coral Needle, and Darco. You can also find products from Gymnic, ICB Medical, Otto Bock and JS Sports in Western Australia from us.

We have become a reliable wholesale medical distributor and supplier in Australia with different product categories to select for customers.

Professional technical support team

With hundreds of products and equipment in stock, we have become a renowned name in the medical industry of Australia. We care for our trade customers and general customers. That is why we have made the procurement process simple. Moreover, our professionals help customers select the right chiropractic products and other goods from the stock. We have a skilled customer support team to help customers even after purchasing the products. The team remains on standby to resolve any after-sale issues. With a clear exchange/return policy of goods, our commitment to the customer’s satisfaction is visible.

Our team acts swiftly to ship your products after receiving the order. The order can be placed online, by fax and by phone call. The company is situated in Osborne Park in Western Australia to gain freeway access immediately. In other words, we will ensure that your shipment reaches your hospitals, clinics or nursing homes within a short time.

Partner with a trusted medical supply company in Australia

Actimed is a renowned chiropractic equipment and other medical products supplier in Australia. The company has been successfully dealing with healthcare products and equipment over the last 36 years.

Get a variety of quality medical supplies at one place at affordable prices. Want to get seamless medical supplies in Western Australia? Call us to order your products now.

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