What is FlexEze? FlexEze is a biodegradable single use heat patch, which is designed and created using eco-friendly ingredients by Australian professionals in Australia. The patch is designed to be used anywhere on the body. With one side having an adhesive it can easily be stuck onto the clothing where pain is being experienced.

What Makes FlexEze so different…. FlexEze is designed to heat on exposure to air when opened rather than body heat. The ingredients generate heat by oxidising iron powder, through this natural ‘rusting’ produces heat which is then released to provide pain relief. These are the only single use heat patches that can also be used in a reusable wrap. When it comes to lower back and shoulder pain sticking the patches on to the clothes can mean that the patch would move around and not stay in the area where the heat is needed. To solve this problem FlexEze also do a body wrap, that allows patients to place one or two heat patches in the heat wrap without removing the adhesive which can the worn underneath their clothes. The wrap can then be positioned to where the therapy is needed and held in place by hook and loop. Recently, the heat wraps were used as part of the clinical care model for back pain at 4 hospitals and the results were fantastic. 9News https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4aE2ULP8nTs

Evidence. Research used to support the recommendation for ‘Superficial Heat’ in key LBP treatment guidelines is specifically using low level continuous heat wrap therapy see: American College of Physicians – ACP Back Pain Guidelines. Keeping patients mobile and delivering low level heat has been demonstrated in RCT’s to reduce back pain and promote recovery.

Why Choose the Heat Wrap???

  • Long lasting, lightweight and convenient perfect for home or office and during travel to relieve back pain.
  • Promotes local blood flow and provides soothing relief for back pain and stiffness that can often occur with long periods of sitting.
  • Heat Wraps are reusable by replacing the heat patches.
  • The contents of FlexEze Heat Patches can be emptied into the garden to act as a soil improver.
  • Most importantly they are an Australian owned and operating company just like us!!
  • Safe to use in pregnancy (check with physician first)
  • Keeps you mobile to be able to carry on with your daily activities.


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